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A new tradition is born! In 2006, celebrating the 20th year of the conference, the CCSC:SE conference will feature a special Saturday night event for all interested conference attendees. Please plan to stay and take part in this event! If successful, it will become a regular part of the annual conference program.

Special Saturday Event for 2006:
A Special Evening at the Bluebird Cafe

Conference attendees will have a special opportunity to see a show at Nashville's famed Bluebird Cafe on Saturday, November 11. The Bluebird is well known for featuring up and coming as well as successful songwriters, in a non-smoking, listening room atmosphere. The Bluebird sells out quickly, and it can be difficult to get a reservation there. They are allowing our group to make reservations before they go on sale to the general public, by calling (615) 383-1461 and using the password "Lipscomb". They will start taking our calls on October 17 at 11:00 am. Reservations will be available to the public starting November 6, so call before that date.

There are two show options, one at 6:30 and one at 9:30.

The 6:30 show features four up and coming writers in the "In The Row" setting. The writers may not have had a lot of hits yet, but you will hear some great songs. There is no cover charge for this show, but dinner is recommended, and The Bluebird does have a $7.00 minimum policy. The songwriters for this show are Paul Sikes, Tommy Karlas, Chris Cavanaugh and Tonya Lynett Stout.

The 9:30 show is tentatively scheduled with Americana/Folk-Rock artist Mark Germino. "Originally a poet, Mark Germino eventually became a folk-rock artist as a means of furthering his literary aspirations. Born in North Carolina, he moved to Nashville in 1974; although he never intended to become a musician, he bought a guitar a few months later after reasoning that performing songs would be easier than reciting poetry. A trucker by day, Germino began performing in area clubs at night and signed a music publishing deal in 1981. After working as a songwriter for much of the decade, in the late '80s and early '90s Germino issued three major-label albums in a vein of heartland rock much like the work of Steve Earle, including 1990's Radartown (recorded with a backing band called the Sluggers) and London Moon and Barnyard Remedies. In 1995, he issued the folkier Rank & File." There will be a $12.00 cover charge for this show, in addition to the $7.00 minimum.

If you plan to participate in the Saturday night event, please indicate this on your registration form.