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Nifty AssignmentsSaturday Night Event


   Even after the paper deadline has passed and the conference program is set, you can still be a presenter at this fall's CCSC:SE Conference. There are two opportunities for you to get on the program, one new and one familiar. See the details below, and be a part of the conference!

Lightning Talks

   Many of our conference participants have one good, concise idea which doesn't warrant a full paper. This may be a cool new tool they've discovered, a new course they're looking for help with, a germ of an idea for a panel, a search for people with similar interests to work on grants with, or advocacy for some professional activity. Or it may be something completely different. One way to share this is with the Lightning Talk, a five minute (yes, 300 second!), somewhat informal presentation. Participants will be given five minutes to get up, get their message out, and get out of the way (and there will be someone with a timer to keep the room on schedule).

    This is one of the most popular sessions at many conferences. If you're not interested in what the current speaker is saying, don't worry, it will be over soon!

    Individual Lightning Talks will not be included in the journal but will be listed on the WWW site and in the registration materials. We know you have something to say! This should be a great way to get started on your submission for 2007! Send your Lightning Talk title and a brief description to Laurie White ( by October 21, 2006 to get on the schedule.

    For more information on what makes a good Lightning Talk, see ghtningtalk.html.

Nifty Assignments

   For a more leisurely discussion of our teaching highs and lows, plan to participate in Nifty Assignments. . Everybody needs new ideas for problems to stimulate our students. And everybody has great ideas that they've used in their classes. Participating in this part of our program involves bringing your great ideas and spending five minutes explaining them to your colleagues. You may bring printed material to share or you may give the Web site where more information about your ideas can be found. This will be a relaxed hour in which to share ideas in panel discussion format.

    Sign up early to insure your slot with Dee Medley ( Or sign up at the registration desk when you arrive at the conference.