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Nifty Assignments


   Even after the paper deadline has passed and the conference program is set, you can still be a presenter at this fall's CCSC:SE Conference. See the details below, and be a part of the conference!

Nifty Assignments

   Instructors are invited to submit a "nifty" example or assignment they've presented in their courses which they believe fellow conference attendees will find useful and would be able to incorporate into their own courses. Submissions in any topic of Computer Science at the gen-ed, lower-division, or upper-division levels are welcome.

   An initial abstract of not more than 2 pages is required for submission. Accepted submissions will be presented (by an author) at a session of the conference and final abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings.

   The deadline for the initial abstract (in PDF form) is July 30, 2021 and the deadline for the final abstract is August 20, 2021. Initial abstracts should be sent via email to either Dr. Steven Benzel at or Dr. Robert Lutz at