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Nifty Assignments

38th Annual Programming Contest
Judging and Scoring Rules

Judging Rules:

  1. A team will be allowed an unlimited number of judged runs for each of the contest problems.
  2. Programs will be judged right or wrong based on the specifications of the problems. Formatting of output will not be a criterion unless specifically stated.
  3. During the contest, teams will receive the result (correct or incorrect) of each submission, with only the classification of any error indicated in the case of incorrect submissions.
  4. Decisions of the judges are final.

Scoring Rules:

  1. Teams will first be ranked according to the number of problems solved correctly.
  2. Teams with the same number of problems correct will be ranked by increasing number of penalty points. For each correct problem the penalty point increment will be determined by:
    		1	point per minute to completion
    	+	20	points 
    for each incorrect submission

  3. The penalty for incorrect submissions applies only to problems which are eventually solved.