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Nifty Assignments

34th Annual Programming Contest
Contest Environment

The contest will be conducted on Microsoft Windows 10 workstations with Internet access available via Explorer and Firefox browsers. Programming problems will be solved and tested using each team's choice of:

  1. Java using JDK 1.8 and the Eclipse IDE or NetBeans IDE
  2. C++ using Visual C++ Express
  3. C# using Visual C# Express
  4. Python using version 3.5
A pair of networked laser printers will be available for producing hard copies of programming solutions.

The practice session on Friday night at 6:30 (in conjunction with the pizza party) will demonstrate basic techniques of the operating system and the compilers. However, it is expected that the participating teams will have some familiarity with their chosen environment.


Each team will be assigned an ID number and a computer. All of the computers to be used for the contest are located in the computer lab (Karpen 037 & 038). The work area for team members who are not currently working on the computer will be Karpen 035. The judging area will be Karpen 033. An awards ceremony will be held at 1:30 PM in the Robinson 125.

Friday Check-In

Each team sponsor and their team members must check in on Friday evening during the practice session. A 45 minute practice session and tutorial using the contest software will follow. (As will a pizza party.) The contest on Saturday morning will start with a fifteen minute information session at 9:45 AM for all team members in the student work area.

Problem Submissions:

All teams will be given the same problem set to solve at the outset of the contest. The problems may be solved in any order.


An awards ceremony will be held during the conference wrap -up session at 1:30 PM in Robinson 125. The top ten teams will be recognized at that time, and receive certificates. An engraved plaque for the top two teams will be mailed at a later date. Depending upon the level of local sponsorship, additional prizes may be awarded on site. These will be disbursed starting with the top team and continuing as long as prizes are available.

Meal Info

A lunch will be provided for all contestants in Laurel Forum.

In addition, all participants are cordially invited to a pizza party on Friday, November 13. This event will take place in Laurel Forum, and will run from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (overlapping with the conference banquet). Drop in any time. The last batch of pizzas is scheduled to be delivered at 7:30.